We manages the software product development through it's highest quality program management, proven processes and methodologies. Our team comprises of skilled software product engineers with experience in leading-edge technologies who can help to build successful software products.

Web Development

Easily manage your projects with project timeline & reports

Digital Marketing

Know exactly who your customers are prior to product launch

Domain & Server

Book your domain with free email,DNS,Theft Protection and lots more

API Integration

API can facilitate integration of new features into existing applications

Mobile App

Application s/w is developed for handheld devices, such as mobile phones.


Know exactly who your customers are prior to product launch

Our Clients

Service to our clients is our first priority. We are in the business of ensuring our client's success; we succeed when our clients succeed. Our pursuit of excellence drives our decision making and interactions.

Ananya Resort

hotel booking site.


clinic management site.


antivirus security.

Geo Solution

provides geo location.


sell grocery products.


sell electronics product.

Our Skills

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Software Development




Mobile App Development


Web Designing


Domain & Server


API Integration


Technical Support


Why People like us?

Expert Engineers

A dedicated team of developers and engineers with a passion for developing the finest quality products.

A one-stop solution where you can find all the right ingredients to cater your needs for developing products. With the efforts of our team, your idea can be designed, developed, prototyped as a market ready product to your customers.
A technical team to keep you informed about each and every stage of Product Development. The support team is at your service 24 x 7 to personally interact with you to solve any problems with your product before, during and after the project.
A disciplined step-by-step approach where deadlines are strictly followed at each stage of development. No compromise is made in quality for meeting the deadlines. Don't worry as in worst case if a deadline gets skipped then you receive full refund.
Parallel support on marketing and legalities apart from product development. Full assistance on legal advice for venturing with your product. Market Study to analyse the customer demand for your product and strategize the branding accordingly.

Begin a project

A brilliant idea is itches your mind. You know that an actual product needs to be developed to showcase your idea to your customers. But it may so happen that you need your product to be designed by someone who is expert in it. Just login and your problems are soon to be solved.

Plan your Project

Slate down the intricate requirements of the project. Provide all necessary details to be needed by our experts to develop the product. The team will analyse the project and divide the project into several modules with deadline for each module.

No part of your idea is going to be disclosed to any other client even on demand as confidentiality of your project is our foremost priority. The developed product will not be used for any commercial activities. The permission for any such activity would be duly taken from the client.

Even a small idea can change millions of lives. With this belief we serve our clients to develop and deliver innovative products. We at LIT Solution consider each idea to be extremely important and diligently work upon to bring it to life. Not only we intend to help you in developing your product but also extend our support in form of services like software support, market assistance and legal advice. Thus we truly want your product to reach your target customers. If the idea is found to have a huge potential then we will also go ahead to sponsor the idea.

Developing a new product had never been easier unlike now. With LIT Solution, you can not only get your developed product but also get other background support and information essential to launch your product into the market. Our clients can be anyone ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, businessmen and even to people with no prior technical experience. Once you are convinced with the product and its market, you can even start production with our partnership. Thus our aim is not only to build wonderful products but also to build ever-lasting relationship with our clients.


It was wonderful the way the team put on their 100% to deliver something beyond expectations

-Marcus Robinson/ Maker of Mother's Helper

Waking up one early morning to find your long dreamt idea transform into reality is genuinely priceless.

-Vicky Ahuja/ Maker of Smart Switch

Our Partners

We value our partnership with the Management teams and Shareholders of our portfolio companies. Our approach and our commitment to shared values enables LIT Solution to be a true partner.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

Feel free to drop in your query at customercare@LITSolution.in. You can also clarify your queries through personal interaction with our representative at +91 9861693445 or at +91 0674-2547486